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    Tour Stirling

    Welcome to Stirling, a city with population of 91,000 and a long history located on the south bank of the River Forth in central Scotland.

    Tell me a little about a Tour of Stirling

    Stirling was the de facto capital of Scotland during medieval times when the Stewart kings maintained a Royal Palace within Stirling Castle during the 15th and 16th centuries. The Royal presence attracted wealthy and important personages of the day who have left a legacy of impressive period architecture in the Old Town section.

    The magnificent Stirling Castle is the magnet for high volumes of visitors. However, Stirling also offers easy access to two important battle sites, the Wallace Monument and other important sites within the city. 

    Tell me more about a Tour of Stirling

    Catshwhiskerstours works with guests to design and deliver customised tours.The summary information below is provided to assist guests in determining focus and priorities.

    The extensive castle with recently restored Royal Apartments is covered in this separate web page. Other important sites include:

    • The Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum.
    • Old Town Jail: Example of a Victorian era corrective institution which was in operation from 1847 to 1935.
    • Argyll’s Lodging: A small palace with a long history dating back to the mid-16th century.
    • Mar’s Wark: A now ruined 16th century town house.
    • Church of Holy Rude: A 15th century church used for coronation of King James VI of Scotland.
    • Old Town Cemetery: Located adjacent to Church of Holy Rude.
    • Cowane’s Hospital: An example of 17th century philanthropy.
    • Erskine Church and Erskine Monument: Interesting façade of building dating from 1826.
    • Auchenbowie’s House: An important town house dating back to the 16th century.
    • Stirling Bridge and proximate site of famous battle in 1297.
    • The National Wallace Monument: Prominent  19th century tower which commemorates Scottish national hero Sir William Wallace ( aka ‘Braveheart’).
    • Battle of Bannockburn Visitor Centre. Proximate site of Scots victory over the English in 1314. Located about three miles from city centre.
    • Shopping in the Old Town and at the modern Thistles Shopping Centre. 

    How can Catswhiskerstours help with a Tour of Stirling?

    We can provide:

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