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    Custom Jewish themed Tour of Glasgow

    Catswhiskerstours is pleased to provide visitors of the Jewish faith with a custom tour designed to connect with local cultural identity and religion.

    Tell me a little about a Custom Jewish themed Tour of Glasgow

    We work with guests to design a custom tour to connect with the Jewish heritage in Glasgow, Scotland’s largest city.

    Tell me more about a Custom Jewish themed Tour of Glasgow

    The principal sites are the Scottish Jewish Archives Centre at Garnethill Synagogue, Jewish section of the Glasgow Necropolis Burial Ground and the Gorbals District, home to many 19th century immigrants. 

    More information on the Jews in Scotland is provided below.

    Early migrants came from Holland and Germany with an upsurge post 1860 from Russia and Poland. The current Jewish population of Scotland is about 7,000 with most concentrated around Glasgow and Edinburgh. Garnethill is a prominent synagogue in Glasgow and Scotland’s oldest.

    The bulk of the current Jewish population are descended from late 19th century  migrants from Europe who may have originally been destined for the U.S.A. At the time Scotland was a transit point and for various reasons an element of the migrants did not continue on across the Atlantic. By 1914 the ( Jewish) populations of Glasgow and Edinburgh were 12000 and 1500 respectively. Other communities could be found in Greenock, Ayr, Falkirk, Inverness, Dundee and Dunfermline.

    The early migrants were very poor and tended to concentrate in and around the Gorbals area  (of Glasgow).  They focused on production and merchandising of goods, e.g. shop-keeping, tailoring, footwear and furniture. In due course, access to higher education provided an escape route from the ghettos and today the Gorbals has a negligible Jewish population.

    • In the early days Jewish immigrants were active in the Trade Union movement whilst today the community is represented in all mainstream political parties.
    • Other relevant facts and information:
      • In Scotland, the umbrella body for the community is the Scottish Council of Jewish Communities.
      • In Scotland there exists 10 synagogues. Glasgow’s Garnethill Synagogue  (1879) has been extensively restored and is associated with leadership of the community.
      • Glasgow’s famous Necropolis Cemetery has a dedicated Jewish section containing 50 plots.
      • Scotland and Israel are similar in size and populations.
      • The official Scottish Jewish Tartan can be obtained via Catswhiskerstours Ltd.

    How can Catswhiskerstours help with a Custom Jewish themed Tour of Glasgow?

    We usually assist by way of a one day guided tour of the key sites although happy to discuss other options.

    For more information and help contact Nigel-
    T  44 (0) 141 638 5500
    E Or

    We look forward to hearing from you!

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    Jewish Section of Glasgow Necropolis, ScotlandTour group at Garnethill Synagogue, Glasgow, ScotlandInside Garnethill Synagogue, Glasgow, ScotlandGiffnock Synagogue, Glasgow Southside, Scotland