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    Tour Cumbernauld

    Welcome to Cumbernauld, a large town in S.W. Scotland combining an ancient medieval village with a post 1950s new town.

    Tell me a little about a Tour of Cumbernauld.

    Cumbernauld is a name derived from the Gaelic for ‘meeting of the waters’. The village church dates from the 12th/13th centuries. However, location is just south of the 2nd century AD Antonine Wall which suggests a history of settlement dating back possibly 2000 years. Today’s population is about 50,000.

    Tell me more about a Tour of Cumbernauld.

    Catswhiskerstours works with guests to design and deliver customised tours. The summary information below is provided to assist guests in determing priorities and focus.

    Location: About fourteen miles N.E. of Glasgow. Here can be found a variety of architecture spanning the centuries, connections with the Roman period, an airport (light aircraft), 18th century mansion, parkland and a film set. 

    Roman Period: For about thirty years in the second century AD the Antonine Wall was the northern frontier of the Roman Empire. A well preserved stretch of the Wall can be accessed from a point near to the Airport. Close to the village is a carved stone believed to have originally formed a Roman Altar.

    Medieval Period:

    • The Church (Presbyterian) can trace back to origins as a 12th/13th century chapel (Catholic) founded by the then powerful Comyn family. 
    • A 14th century castle built by the Fleming family replaced an earlier Comyn owned castle. The second castle suffered severe damage during civil wars of 17th century and was finally destroyed in the 18th century.
    • In the village today can be seen surviving ‘Langriggs’ or long strips of cultivated land used by villagers for production of fruit, vegetables and rearing of livestock.

    Post medieval Period

    • Locals were employed in weaving, mining, farming and quarrying.
    • Cumbernauld House, a mansion for the Fleming family, was built by leading Scottish architect, William Adam in 1746. This still exists albeit has been converted to a number of private apartments.
    • Cumbernauld Park surrounds Cumbernauld House and is open to the public for recreation. Remains of the medieval castles can be seen here.
    • Cumbernauld new town had its genesis in the 1950s and expanded in the 1960s to accommodate overspill population from nearby Glasgow. The modernistic architecture proved unsustainable and part of the town centre was subsequently destroyed and replaced.
    • The new, Antonine Shopping Centre was opened in 2007. Inside this building is:
      • A small museum focused on Cumbernauld.
      • A large 19th century wall clock which came from St. Enoch Station, Glasgow.
    • Cumbernauld was the setting for the 1981 romantic comedy film Gregory’s Girl. During 2013/4 filming of the Outlander series  was undertaken on a film set in a former industrial unit.
    • Cumbernauld has its own small airport  used by light aircraft and helicopters.

    Nearby Visitor Attractions:

    How can Catswhiskerstours help with a Tour of Cumbernauld?

    We can design and deliver custom tours for groups of all sizes with themes such as personal ancestry, Antonine Wall, architecture, industrial history, etc.

    For more help and information contact Nigel:

    T: 44 (0) 141 638 5500

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