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    Clan Tours of Scotland 

    Welcome to Scotland and its famous clans!    

    Tell me a little about Clan Tours of Scotland with Catswhiskerstours  

    We have been providing ancestry and clan themed tours of Scotland for many years. This can entail researching personal ancestry and visiting places and events affiliated with clans such as castles, highland games and clan reunions.

    Tell me more about Clan Tours of Scotland with Catswhiskerstours

    Catswhiskerstours is a Scotland based tour company specialising in private and small group tours of Scotland. We undertake research in conjunction with guests with object of designing and delivering a customized tour .

    Historically, Scotland has experienced migration, particularly to countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand which today results in populations totalling many millions of Scots descent many of whom may and do wish to connect with their ancestry and clan.

    Since its inception, Catswhiskerstours has been delighted to design and deliver clan themed tours of Scotland ranging from one day up to two weeks with emphasis on personal ancestry and clan connections. To date we have provided tours which have incorporated focus on the following clans:

    • Armstrong
    • Campbell
    • Cochrane
    • Cunninghame
    • Currie
    • MacDonald
    • MacDougall
    • MacEwan
    • MacGregor
    • Mackay
    • Maclean
    • Maxwell
    • Montgomery/Montgomerie
    • Munro
    • Morrison
    • Nicolson
    • Sinclair

    Refer also this sister web page covering ancestry themed tours of Scotland.

    Background on Scottish Clans 

    Here are the principal Scottish Clans: Abercromb, Anderson, Anstruther, Armstrong, Baird, Barclay, Beaton, Boyd, Brodie, Bruce, Buchan, Buchanan, Burns, Cameron, Campbell, Carnegie, Chisholm, Clarke, Cochrane, Colquhoun, Crawford, Cumming, Cunningham, Davidson, Dewar, Douglas, Drummond, Dunbar, Duncan, Elliot, Erskine, Farquharson, Fergusson, Fletcher, Forbes, Fraser, Galbraith, Gordon, Gow, Graham, Grant, Gunn, Hamilton, Hay, Henderson, Home, Innes, Johnston, Keith, Kennedy, Kerr, Lamont, Leslie, Lindsay, Livingstone, Logan, MacAlister, MacAlpine, MacArthur, MacAulay, MacBean, MacCallum, MacCrimmon, MacDonald, MacDougall, MacDuff, MacEwen, Macfarlane, MacGillivray, MacGregor, MacInnes, Macintyre, Mackay, MacKenzie, Mackinlay, Mackinnon, Mackintosh, MacLachlan, MacLaren, Maclaine, Maclean, MacLeod, Macmillan, MacNab, MacNaughton, MacNeill, Macneil, MacPhee, MacPherson, Macquarrie, Macqueen, MacRae, Malcolm, Matheson, Maxwell, Menzies, Moncrieffe, Montgomery, More, Morrison, Munro, Murray, Napier, Nicolson, Ogilvie, Oliphant, Ramsay, Roberston, Rose, Ross, Ruthven, Scott, Seton, Shaw, Sinclair, Skene, Smith, Stewart, Sutherland, Thomson, Turnbull, Urquhart, Wallace, Wemyss.

    How can Catswhiskerstours help you connect with a Scottish Clan?

    We can research and design a customized tour to allow guests to connect with their specific clan via either of:

    • An escorted motor tour comprising transport, guide and overnight lodgings. Sightseeing can be included if required.
    • A self-drive tour (driving tour) by way of package comprising itinerary, rental car and lodgings.  

    For more information and help contact Nigel-
    T  44 (0) 141 638 5500
    E Or

    We look forward to hearing from you!

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