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    Ancestry Tours of Scotland with Catswhiskerstours

    Welcome to Scotland!

    Tell me a little about Ancestry Tours of Scotland

    Catswhiskerstours has many years experience in arranging and delivering customized tours of Scotland focused on family history and/or connection with a Scottish Clan. We work with guests to design and deliver an itinerary which provides a connection with ancestors.

    Tell me more about Ancestry Tours of Scotland 

    We work with guests, together with expert researchers where appropriate, to devise an itinerary which includes ancestral sites and possibly general sightseeing as well. Most tour groups are small but we can and have accommodated groups of up to sixteen persons.Such tours are recognised as very personal, individual and possibly emotional as well with a focus on the notion of identity. Tours can last for periods from one day for up to two weeks or longer.

    Background information on Scotland and its people.

    The Scots are, essentially, a mix of four core groups of people: the Picts (original iron-age inhabitants), the Scots ( who migrated from Northern Ireland), the Britons (native people in the S.W.of Scotland) and the Angles who invaded from Europe in the 5th century AD. The first three named groups had an affinity in that they were of Celtic origin. From around the 9th century the country was subject to hostile attacks from Norwegian Vikings who subsequently settled and left their mark in place names, particularly in the West of Scotland.

    The Highlands Clan system started to develop around the 12th century and has provided us with a legacy of names recognised the world over which include Armstrong, Bruce, Cameron, Campbell, Clanranald, Colquhoun, Davidson, Douglas, Drummond, Farquharson, Forbes, Gordon, Grant, Gunn, Lamont, Lovat, MacBean, MacRae, MacFarlane, MacDonell, MacDonald, Mackay, MacGillivray, MacGregor, Mackinnon, MacDougall, Mackenzie, Mackintosh, Maclean, Macleod, Macmillan, MacNab, MacPherson, Menzies, Murray, Robertson, Scott, Stewart and Sutherland. However, there are some 16,000 Scottish surnames of which fewer than 3,000 originate from the Highlands. The majority of Scots have always lived in the Lowlands.

     Tracing Scottish Family History

    There are many and varied information sources, including:

    • Census Returns
    • Old Parish Records
    • International Genealogical Index
    • Local Newspapers
    • Records of local societies.
    • Poor Law Records
    • Trade Directories ( Post Office Directories)
    • Trade Societies Records
    • Poll Tax Rolls 1695 and Hearth Tax Records 1691
    • Sasines from 1781-1947 ( transfer of property ownership).
    • Confirmations and Inventories ( wills).
    • Valuation Rolls
    • Official records of former burghs and councils.
    • Maps
    • Local Archives
    • Registration Offices ( births, deaths and marriages).
    • General Register Office for Scotland
    • Burial Grounds Records
    • Local Family History Societies
    • Scotland’s People -official Scottish Government source of genealogical data.
    • Professional genealogists (ancestry researchers). 

    How can Catswhiskerstours help with an ancestry or clan themed tour of Scotland?

    Catswhiskerstours acknowledges the needs of such clients who wish to visit Scotland, undertake research and seek out authentic, genuine family records and/or actual authentic experiences of where their ancestors lived or worked. We also understand that researching family history may only be part of the reason for visiting Scotland and there may be a need for repeat visits to follow up leads and because of strong emotional connection. Guests may have need to:

    • Access more information
    • “See what they have seen”
    • Connect with other people
    • Connect with ‘self’
    • Visit the Archives and Special Collections Department of the Mitchell Library in Glasgow and the National Archives in Edinburgh.

    When research is completed and itinerary agreed we can assist in either of two ways, viz:

    1. An escorted motor tour with guide and overnight lodgings with breakfast.
    2. A self-drive (driving) tour by way of a package comprising rental car, itinerary and lodgings.

    For more information and help contact Nigel-
    T  44 (0) 141 638 5500
    E Or

    We look forward to hearing from you!


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