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    Guest Book

    Self-Drive Tour of Outer Hebrides April/May 2017

    Our trip to the Outer Hebrides was fantastic. 
    We couldn’t have had better weather- all bright and sunny. 
    We were happy with the hotels – especially at Castlebay and Lochmaddy. The one in Oban was a little like Fawlty Towers, but that’s ok. 
    The people were friendly and the scenery was amazing. 
    The only low spot was when the people at Arnold Clarke didn’t have time’ to bring us back into the city. We also had a problem with their phone number when we were trying to get to them on the first morning. 
    Otherwise everything was great. Your organisation was faultless. Thank you so much.  
    We will be recommending you to friends. 
    Thanks again,
    Ros, Australia

    Self-Drive Tour of British Isles, September 2016

    Our trip to Ireland went smoothly. We had to skip the Dingle Peninsula because we spent extra time in Adare, a village that we enjoyed quite a bit. I particularly enjoyed visiting the cliffs of Moher though it was a bit of a challenge for Melanie as it required a lot of walking. The Ring of Kerry was beautiful. Lodging in all of those areas was good. Also, we enjoyed our walk through the Rock of Cashel. Blarney Castles was just too commercialized for us, though the gardens were beautiful (we didn’t kiss the stone). 

    Perhaps our favorite city in Ireland was Killarney. The festive atmosphere downtown in the evening was great. Unfortunately we were too tired to stay up very late and participate fully. We attended an Irish music and dance show at the Killarney Avenue Hotel which was near our hotel. It was well worth the price of admission. 

    Of course, my wife had to stop at the Waterford Crystal Factory on our way to Wicklow where we picked up some beautiful glass gifts. We particularly enjoyed our stay at Wicklow Way Lodge near Wicklow Mountains National Park. The area was beautiful and the inn keepers were very congenial. The rooms were modern and the food was very good. We also had excellent food at the Byrne & Woods Pub in Oldbridge nearby. We really didn’t have a chance to see much of Dublin as we really preferred to spend time in smaller villages. 

    Of all the areas we visited during our trip, I think our favorite was the Scottish Highlands, and in particular the area around Ballindalloch and the River Spey. Our stay at Cragganmore House was memorable. The innkeepers were engaging, the food was excellent, the inn itself was charming. I had a lot of quiet time to walk the trails along the river. 

    Our next most enjoyable area was the Cotswolds as it was so quintessential “Old England”. This is an area that we enjoyed visiting 45 years ago in our earlier visit and it has changed little since we were there except for the bigger tourist crowds. The Midsomer tour of the area around Oxford was great. 

    Again, thanks for your efforts in setting up our trip. I’m not sure this trip fully satisfied our desire to visit Britain and Ireland and, in fact, we have already talked about possibly visiting some of our favorite areas again sometime in the future. 

    John & Melanie, U.S.A.

    Small Group, Clan Boyd Tour of S.W. Scotland, Sept 18th 2016.

    What a pleasure it was to meet you both and have such a great guided experience of some of the Boyd Clan sites on September 18! Your preparation for our trip was extensive -please know how much we appreciated your efforts.  We know we wouldn’t have covered all the area we did that day without the two of you.  It was the perfect start to our adventure in Scotland.
    Kate, California, U.S.A.

    Custom, Mackintosh, architecture tour of Glasgow, Scotland, Sept 9th 2016.

    We have returned from a wonderful trip visiting the UK.  The Highlight of our trip was seeing all the Mackintosh architecture and having you as a guide.  We will definitely recommend you to our friends when they visit Glasgow.  Thank you for your special tour of Mackintosh, Sharmanka and the Scottish Mask & Puppet Center, it was perfect.  

    Thank you again,

    Ken and Phil, U.S.A.

    Self-Drive Tour of Scotland, England and Wales, August 13th -Sept 19th 2016.

    Hi Nigel
    Thanks for the effort you put toward our holiday. We take home many, many fond memories. You sent us to spots we would have never found on our own.


    Private, Custom  Tour of Scotland, July 29th-August 7th 2016.

    Thank you so much for all you have done to make our tour of Scotland such a success. We have learned a great deal of history, language/place names, enjoyed the back roads and sites you selected to visit and appreciate your thoughtfulness and many instances of kind attention. All the beast.

    Your blog posts are very informative. I like their factual quality.

    John and Donna



    Large group Tour of England and Wales, July 10th-16th 2016.

    Thank you for all you have done to make our trip enjoyable. We appreciate your organising a great bus and driver.


    Hi Nigel I’ve finally had Internet access to view the blog you did for our trip.  It’s fantastic.  Awesome photos and enough information to make it meaningful.  Thanks so much for sharing it with us.



    Auckland, New Zealand

    Private, Small Group Driver-Guided Tour of Scotland, June 24th-28th 2016

    We made it back and are adjusting to the time difference. Thank you for sending your blog links and flicker info
    We had an amazing trip and thank you for all your hard work!
    Whitney , California, U.S.A.
    Thank you so much for making our trip wonderful!!!  You are very special and we will remember you and this trip forever.
    Beverly, California, U.S.A

    Private, Driver-Guided Tour of Scotland, June 17th-19th 2016

    Thank you for all your care and historic information. It was a joy. I am richer for the experience.
    Fran, South Australia.

    Private, Driver-Guided Tour of Scotland, May 29th-June 8th 2016

    Traveling with Nigel on our custom tour of Scotland was super. We approached him with a proposed itinerary, and with his knowledge of the sites, eliminated a couple of destinations. They were wise decisions. Nigel got to know what we liked and made unplanned stops at other sites that my sister and I enjoyed. He was attentive and informed. If we ever make it back to the British Isles in the future, we’ll be sure to contact him!

    Kathy, Virginia, U.S.A.

    Small Group Self-Drive Tour of England and Ireland, May 29th-June 11th 2016

    We had a good trip.  You were right to caution us on the driving distances and times.  The traffic in the cities took us by surprise.  The GPS also gave some unusual routes (including 2 way traffic on roads that looked like it should be 1 lane).  So we shortened some of the routes and changed the activities during some days but that was fine.  We also bought an atlas to verify the routes and sometimes reroute ourselves to larger roads.

    All the hotels were good.  We especially liked the Cedars (Bath), Brambles Cottage (Shrewsbury) and the Original Rossyln Inn (Roslin).  All the suggestions for parking were great and helped a lot.

    Thank you for all your suggestions, warnings, thoughts and the reservations.

    Amy, Missouri, U.S.A.

    Self-Drive Tour of Scotland, May 24th-June 2nd 2016

    The Scotland leg of our trip was fantastic, your itinerary was excellent, introducing us to many sights we would otherwise have missed. Daily driving distances were spot on for us. If we had to pick highlights, which is hard, perhaps the day on Mull (beautiful), and the stay at Dunkeld with associated Backroads tour.
    All accommodation was good, with the possible exception of the hotel at Kyle of Lochalsh which was a little “Fawlty towers” in terms of service, and with no hot water on arrival (boilers only switched on between certain hours we were told) – that said, it did not detract from our stay, and all other accommodation was as expected.
    Thanks again for your assistance and a great itinerary.
    Bob & Trudy, Australia

    Large Group Architecture Tour of Glasgow, Scotland, May 13th 2016

    I have given your name to the daughter of one of my group who wants to bring an art group up. Hope that it works out.

    Private Tour of England, Wales and Scotland, April 23rd-May 4th 2016

    We made it home and are trying to catch up on sleep and other things. We have gone to your blog and are really enjoying it. We didn’t get the chance to tell you how much we appreciated you and the amount of work you did on our behalf. We didn’t know what to expect, maybe just someone to drive us around. But, we got so much more. You went out of your way to accommodate every quirky whim that we even mentioned, all with great success and patience on your part. For this, we are deeply grateful. You made our trip a wonderful experience. We wish you continued success and hope that your Mercedes will always give you 40+ mph. 
    Best regards always,
    Bruce and Ann

    Arizona, U.S.A.

    Private Tour of Scotland, April 4th-19th 2016

    Dear Nigel,
    Although it was sheer serendipity that led me to you and Catswhiskers,
    it had to have been the work of ancient Celtic spirits that led me to
    retain your services as tour guide, driver, historian, and road-trip buddy.
    Your knowledge of Scotland's history and highways and by-ways was exhaustive, 
    and the itinerary you laid out encompassed virtually everything I asked for
    and more.  I greatly appreciated your flexibility in offering other opportunities
    as they arose--I might never have come so close to a pod of seals in my lifetime 
    had it been otherwise.You and your wife Marion showed such generosity, humor, and
    thoughtfulness, that I truly felt like a visiting guest.I experienced wonderful people,
    charming beasties (dogs and sheep and cattle, oh my!), brilliant architecture 
    (old and new), fascinating and overwhelming landscapes and seascapes,and delicious 
    food. I became completely enamored of Scottish porridge every morning and scones every 
    afternoon. And I highly recommend that American visitors forget their preconceived notions
    and at least taste haggis! It is basically sausage, and very tasty!  All in all, Nigel, 
    my friend, an unforgettable journey filled with moments I will continue to cherish. 
    Should the ancient spirits (and you!) be willing, I am already considering
    a further exploration of the islands next year.
    Vivian Sadow
    Chicago, Illinois, USA

    Private Whisky Tour from Glasgow, May 29th 2016

    Thank you so very much for your reply and follow up with a second possible tour guide.
    That is top notch professionalism and I thank you for it.!
    Best Regards,
    Jim, U.S.A.

    Private Tour of mainland Scotland and Isle of Skye, February 4th-10th 2016

    Thank you for a great tour. We look forward to viewing the blog when we get home.
    Steve. South Carolina, U.S.A.

    Clan Armstrong Tour, November 30th 2015

    Hello, Nigel –

    Thanks for sharing the photos and your blog.  You took some great photos.

    Since I am still unpacking and sorting my own photos, it was nice to be able to forward your photos and explanatory blog immediately to family and friends.  That trip to the Border was incredibly scenic and quite fascinating.  I may be back with other family members to do this again.

    I really appreciate the effort you put into this to make this trip truly memorable. 

    Thanks again.


    Texas, U.S.A.

    Self-drive, prehistory themed tour of Scotland, Oct 7th-19th 2015

    Hello Nigel and Marion,
    I have wanted to write you sooner but have had some things to catch up on first now that I’m home. 
    I had a wonderful time in Scotland! The tour was exactly what I was hoping for and I had a great experience of all the various sites along the way. The accommodations were good, with a special mention for Ballifeary Guest House which was lovely, had a very comfortable bed, and a great breakfast 🙂
    In general, I was very impressed with the management of the historic sites and all the guides wherever I encountered them. Everyone was so helpful, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic about the sites and history. I learned so much on this trip. 
    The country is gorgeous, the drive was very scenic, and I lucked out with the weather!
    I never could have planned all of this myself. Thank you both for all of your help in making my trip to Scotland such a great success!
    Best regards,
    Jacquie, New York, U.S.A.

    Escorted Whisky and Sightseeing Tour of Scotland, Oct 12th-19th 2015

    Thanks again for everything you and your wife did to make our trip go so smoothly. We enjoyed our time in Scotland immensely, and England was wonderful too. We will definitely recommend Catswhiskers Tours to any one wanting a custom tour package.
    Janis, North Carolina, U.S.A.

    Escorted Whisky themed tour of Scotland, Sep 29th-Oct 8th 2015

    Thanks for the blog links and for a great tour.

    Pat and Mark, U.S.A.

    Small Group Walking tour of Glasgow, Scotland, Sept 26th 2015

    Hi Nigel,

    Just wanted to say thank you for the tour. It was very interesting. Our friends really enjoyed it.

    Lisa, Walsall, England

    Small Group Tour of England and Scotland September 11th-23rd 2015

    Hello Nigel,
    We did have a long but safe day of travel.  Once again, we would like to thank you for a very enjoyable and interesting touring holiday.  All the sights were amazing, the accommodations were pleasant, the food was great and your services were very much appreciated by all of us.

    Self-Drive Tour of Scotland, Aug 23rd-30th 2015

    I want you to know that the overall experience was more than satisfactory.
     It was splendid.
    The only frustration was the decline in the hotels. If we began at a different hotel 
    we might not have noticed the pattern.
    Again, thank you for all you did. I will certainly recommend a 
    friend or colleague to you!
    Seattle, U.S.A.

    Small Group Tour of England, Wales and Scotland August 24th-Sept 2nd 2015

    Wow! The photos are great! What a wonderful snapshot of our trip to such a beautiful country. Thank you for this and being our guide. You made the trip very interesting with your knowledge of history and archaeology. Thanks again.

    Newt & Vi, Texas, U.S.A

    Small Group Tour of England, Wales and Scotland August 24th-Sept 2nd 2015 

    Your series of blogs is a wonderful record of a wonderful trip. Your blogs will be saved as a lasting momento. Thank you so very much!
    Please give my regards and thanks to our driver George (Brand). You make a great team. I’ll be in touch.

    Safe Travels. 



    Self-Drive Tour of Scotland, Aug 23rd-30th 2015

    Dear Nigel,

    Thank you for your work arranging the trip. I’m only one of 3 travelers, so I won’t speak for all, but here are some of my impressions: The traffic was an auspicious start, but over the course of a week we were able to see so many lovely areas of your beautiful land. The accommodations started out very strong. Our lodging on Iona was by far my favorite. Ailee was lovely and Richard was the consummate host. I also enjoyed meeting the family who runs the B&B on Skye. From there, there was a downturn. I don’t think I would stay with Tom again (he found it hard to recommend a place for dinner, although a few days later I found out there was a sweet place just a hop away.). In Stirling we could tell that the hotel has once been grand. I appreciate that you provided us with such a clear agenda. It was nice to have the details settled before our arrival. The car fit our needs well (and we enjoyed working with the folks at the rental agency). I am thankful that you nudged us to ease our pace a bit. I know that when we were planning we had a lot on our agenda! Your feedback was very valuable. My hope is to return someday and spend some more time among the lush landscape!

    I hope you are having a nice start to fall. Thank you again for your help, Christie

    Christie, Washington, U.S.A.

    Small Group Tour of England, Wales and Scotland August 24th-Sept 2nd 2015

    Nigel:  A wonderful trip!   Thanks again to you and George.   The photo diary is truly wonderful, and thanks again.  

    Best regards  

    Bob, West Virginia, U.S.A.

    Small Group faith based tour of Glasgow, August 18th 2015

    Hope you are doing well.  I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful day you arranged for us in Glasgow.  We all thoroughly enjoyed it.  Also, thanks for the link to your blog post.


    New Jersey


    Self-drive, family tour of Scotland, August 3rd-12th 2015

    Everything in the trip worked fine, thank you.


    Borgomanero, Italy

    Escorted tour to Sorbie Castle/Clan Hannay sites, August 7th 2015

    Thank you very much for the link to your blog and thank you again for the tour.
    Sherman and Dotti, 
    Colorado, U.S.A.


    Escorted tour of Hadrian’s Wall, England, August 2nd-5th 2015.

    Nigel…..all went well….Virgin can operate trains well…..even had time for a couple of good photos at the Carlisle station with trains coming and going.
    I so appreciate your time and hospitality.  Most importantly, I appreciate your knowledge sharing.
    All best.  Pls feel free to use me as a reference anytime.
    Washington DC
    P.S.  Great blog!!!

    Escorted Tour to Balmoral Castle and Glamis Castle, Scotland, July 31st and August 1st 2015

    Hi Nigel,
    Thanks for the researcher's contact details and I will be in touch with her at some point
    whenever I have time.Sorry I don't blog but enjoyed my tour to Balmoral & Glamis.
    Thanks for a good trip.

    Escorted Ancestry Tour of Hamilton, Scotland, July 23rd-25th 2015.

    Thanks for sending the blog posts.  The photos are fantastic!
    And thanks for a great tour!  Your efforts were amazing, and we in the McDougall clan all agree that our day in Hamilton was the highlight of our U.K. vacation! 
    We arrived home safely, and our flight was actually ahead of schedule with respect to landing at JFK.  We will have wonderful memories of our trip to Britain and, again, especially of Hamilton!
    Best regards, 
    New York, U.S.A.


    Unescorted trip to Callanish prehistoric site, Isle of Lewis, Scotland

    Dear Nigel
    Thank you so much for helping me out with my trip to Calanais Stones and the taxi service out there. ( they were wonderful)
    Even in the rain it was inspiring and mysterious and an experience that will continue to work through me.
    I LOVED my trip to Scotland and regret not visiting Glasgow this trip, however future trips are already calling
    and then I hope we will meet.
    thank you again

    Day trip from Glasgow to Kilmartin Glen Prehistoric Site, July 20th 2015

    Thanks for this NIgel, and for the day yesterday. As I said, it was great to be able to just sit back and let someone do the driving who knew where he was going and where the good bits were to be found.




    Self-Drive Tour of Scotland, June 24th-July 8th 2015

    Everything was fine and we were very satisfied. We would be very happy to recommend you to anyone. I’ll send more details when we arrive back home.

    Custom Tour of Scotland, July 10th-15th 2015

    Thank you for an amazing experience and for the links to your posts. I’ve not had a chance to check them out yet but hope to in the next couple of days. And yes, if you don’t mind sending any additional pictures, we’d love to have them-thanks again!

    Self-Drive Tour of England and Ireland, June 20th-July 4th 2015

    Hi Nigel!

    We had a wonderful time!!!

    No problems what so ever…Weather could have been a little better, but we can’t control that!

    Car rentals were perfect and easy! Nav system was essential!

    Favorite hotels – the old farm Cotswolds, the spencer in Dublin and Dromoland castle. Least favorite – Killcooley house in Ballybunion – run down.

    Thanks for all your help in planning!


    Ohio, U.S.A.

    Scotland History and Sightseeing Tour, July 3rd-8th 2015

    Thank you very much Nigel. Yes we made it back home safe J! Thank you for organising this great tour for us, we really appreciated your organizational skills as well as your professionalism.


    Fanny, Quebec, Canada

    Scotland History and Sightseeing Tour, June 21st-29th 2015


    Thank you for a wonderfull experience and your help in getting the backpack shipped.  Payment has been made and confirmed.
    You may see us again next year.
    Warran, California, U.S.A.


    Ancestry Themed Scotland Tour, June 12th-16th 2015

    Thank you so much for everything you have done for us during these five days. You have made our Scotland visit an unforgettable experience.

    Bill and Emma, Texas, U.S.A

    Thank you so much, it has been a pleasure to tour with you to see and enjoy Scotland.Take Care!

    Deb and Carol, U.S.A.


    Whisky Themed Tour of Scotland, June 1st-9th 2015

    Thanks again for providing us with such and interesting and unique tour. It’s something we will always remember fondly.
    The blog posts look great! You have a real knack for capturing the experience. Thanks again for all you’ve done and please feel free to use me as a reference. I will give you very high ratings.
    Best regards,
    John and Nick 
    Colorado, U.S.A.

    Self-Drive Tours of Scotland and England, May 2015

    Dear Nigel

    Today is the last day of our UK holiday, it has been amazing catching up with our children and the tours arranged by you were truly

    some of the best times of our life.I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for making it all possible and also to thank you

    for your expertise and knowledge which added to the enjoyment of the the journey even more.

    We will recommend you to friends and family if they need help to plan a holiday.

    Thanks again


    Julie and Carl, Australia

    Self-Drive Tour of England, April 23rd-25th 2015

    Nigel !! my most sincere apologies for not replying sooner !!!  I’m currently in route to New York – so – finally have a few minutes.  Our private couple of days together were glorious.  We had beautiful dry weather throughout.  The car service that you arranged was fantastic. They picked us up at our hotel, handled our luggage and sent us on our way.  We were upgraded to a larger car with a GPS – which is imperative for the roads in Cotswold.  It would have been easier to have had a smaller car, but a dependable GPS on board is priceless.  Never again will I depend on anything but a car with a GPS.  Even with it – the country roads were challenging – but we loved them.  The village that you chose for us to spend our two nights was perfect.  In fact our touring schedule did not leave us enough time to do the antique shopping that we had hoped to do there. We were able to enjoy the village without the overwhelming feeling of tourists – as many of the pubs were crowded with local patrons only – again perfect.  We visited the Henry 8th castle that you had suggested and just loved it – incredible and also visited a second castle nearby – Blenheim Palace in Woodstock – birthplace of Winston Churchill which I would also recommend.  Beautiful gardens, a walking path and a lovely cafe.  We stopped at Slaughter -which was also lovely !!! perfect for a pint outside in the sunshiine – though the pub and lodging  inside is also really nice,  from there we chose to drive to Bourton on the Water – which – even in off season, we found to be very touristy – not our first choice.  We had a couple of really nice dinners in our village – as we just loved being there.  Once again – our accommodations that you arranged were perfect for us – the pub was great and a popular spot for locals – their breakfast spot there was quite nice with accommodating staff  – we were within walking distance of a couple of restaurants and pubs which was sooooo perfect for us.  It was a fantastic and beautiful couple of days – and a perfect arrangement for us on your part – thank you again !!! Kent and Cynthia, U.S.A.

    Small Group Tour of Scotland, April 24th-28th 2015

    Thank you for the awesome tour, we enjoyed every minute of it. I especially enjoyed the drive in the highlands, it was amazing.
    Thank you too for the pictures, they’re lovely. 
    Best regards,
    Mahani, Malaysia

    Private Tour of Antonine Wall sites from Glasgow, April 4th 2015

    Thanks for the excursion, it was all really cool.

    Sam, Texas, U.S.A.

    Backroads Tour of Central Scotland, March 22nd 2015

    Thank you for the expert tour! We really enjoyed it!

    Tim & Yukiko, U.S.A.

    Extended Family Ancestry Tour of Scotland 2014

    Linda and I want to thank you again for the tour you put together for our group. It was truly a trip of a lifetime. You did your country proud!

    Art & Linda, U.S.A.

    Two, small group, one day tours (Edinburgh and Stirling) Nov 27th and 30th 2014.

    It was a pleasure traveling with you the past few days in Scotland. I loved the days we spent with you. I’m looking forward to working with you this summer. Thank you.

    Sheila, U.S.A.

    One Day Ancestry Tour of Fife, Scotland for six persons, Oct 17th 2014

    Your pictures are awesome!  We made it back to Edinburgh that night, and we’re now all safely home in America.  I have yet to go through my photos from the trip.  If I have some good ones, I’ll share them with you.

    Thank you for the expert tour! We really enjoyed it!

    Thank you again for your services!  It was such a great way to see the beautiful countryside and get a feeling for where our ancestors came from.  We’ll definitely refer any friends who are travelling to Scotland!  And, of course, we hope to return very soon!

    Tuesday (et al), U.S.A.

    Private, Sightseeing Tour of Scotland for four persons, Sept 24th-26th 2014

    Nigel!!!  Thank you sooo much!!! I hope you are feeling better, send our best to Ireland !!  Cynthia, U.S.A.

    Private Tour of Ireland for two persons, Sept 28th-Oct 7th 2014

    Melodie and I want to thank you for a glorious 5 days touring Ireland. Carolyn said that we will have a great time with you and she was absolutely correct.

    We appreciate your knowledge of Ireland and we also appreciate your help with our time in Dublin and London,

    We wish you well.

    John and Melodie, U.S.A.

    Private, Custom Tour of Scotland for three persons, Sept 16th-21st 2014

    1.Nigel, thank you so much for sending a daily account of our adventures;  I was so thrilled to receive it with some notes of which I  I would never have thought.  Many of your photos are of exhibition quality, but you didn’t take one of the padlock!!  I liked having the historical information attached with your photo line and time line.

    I had an excellent time on the trip and I would not hesitate at all in recommending you to  any of my acquaintances who plan a Scottish trip—-however, unfortunately, at this time, I don’t know of any who have it in their futures, but they could later. So keep me in mind for your blogs;  it is a good way of keeping up with your activities.

    Nancy, U.S.A.

    2.What a beautiful country you live in! We can’t thank you enough for your expert guidance during our 8 day trip. Your love of history was apparent, and a real bonus for us.

    We wish you well and when touring with other Americans be sure to take them to the islands-what a beautiful part of Scotland! Kind regards.

    Michael & Johanna, U.S.A.

    Self-Drive Tour of Scotland for three persons, Aug 23rd-Sept 6th 2014.

    We had a great time and all your recommendations were followed easily and worked out very well. The accommodation was great and easy to find and we loved Scotland and it’s people. The car was a great size and the gps essential. If there was one hiccup it was that we were given a manual car and when asked for an automatic were told that there was no other car available. The car hire company was not particularly helpful.  It never occurred to me to stipulate an automatic car, just took it for granted, so might be a question to ask your clients. We had a marvellous time and recommended you to many. A great way to tour

    Would like to go back next year with my husband so perhaps might touch base again for the UK.

    Bronwyn, Australia

    Ancestry Themed Tour of Scotland, Aug 15th-23rd, 2014

    On behalf of our whole group, our deepest thanks for a fantastic trip to Scotland. Your knowledge, flexibility, and energy brought us a product that I’m not sure we could have otherwise achieved. We’ll have many pictures and thoughts to trade as we try to reconcile our preconceptions with all that we’ve seen in our journey.  Though the weather wasn’t always agreeable, taking steps in our ancestral land was endlessly engaging.  I want to thank you in particular for guiding us around Condorrat, Cumbernauld, Coatbridge, and Airdrie.  For other groups the Monklands would be a footnote, but having researched it for years, the investment of trip hours was priceless.  Our most sincere thanks to Jim in Cumbernauld for showing us the church and the town.  He was a great find.  If you could forward his email to me, I’m sure there will be follow up questions as I look through this package of information he graciously researched for us.
    Geoff, U.S.A.

    Charles Rennie Mackintosh Architecture Tour of Glasgow, Aug 14th 2014

    We enjoyed yesterday, thank you.
    Mary, U.S.A.

    Charles Rennie Mackintosh Architecture Tour of Glasgow, Aug 11th 2014

    We had a lovely day.
    Jane, England

    Self-Drive Tour of England and Scotland, Aug 5th-23rd, 2014

    Thank you for making Scotland a memorable trip. You outdid yourself.
    Grant & Leslie, U.S.A.

    Private, Ancestry Themed Tour of Scotland and Northern Ireland, July 29th-Aug 8th 2014

    Cathy and I, together with Tom and Paula, want to thank you for making our 2014 tour such a wonderful experience.

    In addition to the relief from having to drive ourselves around in unfamiliar conditions, we all enjoyed your insights on tour locations, background on past and present political events, the recommendations to visit locations not on the original itinerary, your expertise in selecting B&B accommodations and local places to eat, and, above all, the opportunity to befriend you as a person. We all felt that you added so much value to the experience that it just would not have been as successful a trip without you and your excellent services.
    Dan, Cathy, Tom & Paula, U.S.A.

    Private Clan Themed Tour of Scotland, July 21st-28th, 2014

    My sincere thanks again for making the trip of a lifetime possible for me!  You may see me in the future for a UK castles and gardens tour!
    Carolyn, U.S.A.

    Private Tour of Antonine Wall, Scotland, July 16t 2014.

    Thanks for the pictures! We all enjoyed the tour very much. My son particularly enjoyed being able to talk to a fellow Roman history enthusiast.

    Thanks, again…
    Cynthia, U.S.A.

    C.R.Mackintosh Architecture Themed Tour of Glasgow, July 2nd-7th 2014.

    Thank you for your guided tour. Everybody was very happy woth the program.
    Paul, Belgium.

    Private, History Themed Tour of England and Scotland, June 13th-22nd, 2014

    Again, we thank you very much for your excellent care, attention to detail, knowledge, and selection of accommodation.  I know you found it difficult to get accommodation in York, and we understood.  The other places were lovely.
    Nancy, Canada.

    Self-Drive Tour of Scotland, June 6th-20th, 2014

    We had a wonderful time:

    • Rosslyn Castle was amazing
    • Our lodgings at every place were wonderful.
    • Dunkeld was also very special.

    Becky, U.S.A.

    Six day tour of England and Scotland, May 2014

    The blogs are a wonderful reminder of our journey and I will share them
    with friends.  Thank you so much for getting our package in the mail so
    quickly.  I don’t know how we could have missed it.
    Until next time…..
    Gayle, U.S.A.

    Two week tour of English Lake District and Wales, April-May 2014

    Thank you for a great trip!! You are the best!
    Alice and Frank, U.S.A.

    One day Ancestry Tour of Luss, Loch Lomond, April, 2014

    Thanks so much for the great tour yesterday! I love your blog!
    Connie, U.S.A.

    Central Scotland Battlefield Tour, March 2014

    Cheers for last week Nigel, it was great.
    Geordie, U.K.

    Custom Tour of Scottish Highlands, September 2013.

    I checked the blog and its really impressive. Thank you for the great tour.  Gaurav.

    Self-Drive Tour of Scotland, September, 2013

    Thank you for organising a great itinerary for us. We thoroughly enjoyed it all in spite of the weather! John gave us some good touring tips for Skye which we added to your suggestions!

    Again, thank you for all your help.
    Good luck!  Sue and Richard

    Four Day, Family Tour of Scottish Highlands: August 2013

    Thank you for showing us amazing places in Scotland. It was a wonderful trip!
    Ina, London, England

    One Day, Small Group Private Tour from Edinburgh: Aug 24th 2013

    Thank you for a wonderful tour yesterday, it was excellent. We will pick up the pass and thank you for arranging that for us.  W look forward to more adventure!  Sue, U.S.A.

    Seven Day Ancestry Themed Tour of Scotland, August 2013

    Hi Nigel….yes it was great..we really enjoyed it . We really enjoyed George too…had some
    good laughs with him.
    Janice, Canada

    Four Day Scottish Highlands Tour, August 2013

    Hi A quick note to again thank you for the teriffic tour of the Highlands. We had a good visit to London, but Scotland is where our heart is.Keith, Bonny, and Jack had a wonderful time in St Andrews. Thanks for arranging their travel! Cheerio and God bless!!!
    Stacy, U.S.A.

    Three Week Self-Drive Tour of Scotland, July/August 2013

    Hi Nigel,
    Thanks for a wonderful trip!  We have enjoyed Scotland so much that Mike wants
    to come back again.  We have enjoyed meeting everyone and seeing so many places and
    everyone different.  The scenery has been so beautiful and most of the time the weather
    has been great.  Thanks once again.
    Betty, U.S.A.

    Six Day Private Tour of Scotland, July/August 2013

    Here’s my long-overdue thank you (again) for our wonderful our.  And, thank you for sending the link to your blog.  I’m going to go on there and see what other adventures you are now  having. And, thank you for the link to Findhorn.
    Warm regards, Marsue, U.S.A.

    Small Group, whisky themed tour of Scotland, July 2013

    Thank you for a lovely tour. Your advice and flexibility allowed us to enjoy Scotland our way. We will go away with many happy memories.
    Margaret & Ken, Canada

    Small Group Scotland Tour , July 2013

    Nigel did a fantastic job.  We saw all the highlights of Scotland and he knew a lot of history.  He is a archaeology buff so he had plenty of info to share.  The accommodations were suitable to  families with kids.  He made sure we were well taken care of.
    Holly, San Diego

    Private Scotland Tour, July  2013

    Thanks for the blog posts … they’re great. Also, thanks for a great tour. We managed to fit in a lot in 2 ½ days!
    Bill, U.S.A.

    Private Ancestry Tour, Scotland July 2013

    I wish to repeat our thanks to you for all your efforts to help us find the homes of our ancestors and to provide back ground information about
    everywhere that we visited. We are on a high because we found the Albert Hotel, the Livinston kirk, the Kirliston Kirk and the Livingston Hotel
    (former horse stables). What made these finds extra special was the wonderful people with whom we spoke at each place. We are deeply
    grateful for your efforts to introduce us to Rev Graham Smith and Mr. Joseph Henderson. What interesting information they provided. And what a
    wonderful serendipitous experience to meet the current proprietor of the Albert Hotel and the couple who managed the Livingston Hotel.
    Eileen, Canada.

    Private, Ancestry Tour of Paisley, Scotland, June 2013.

    Wow! Just wow!
    What a wonderful summary of our trip. The photos are outstanding and beautifully capture the essence of our visit to Paisley today.
    Thank you so much for making our tour so memorable. When we return to Great Britain, you know that we will call you to guide us.
    We can’t thank you enough for all of your research and preparation.
    Rich and Kathy, U.S.A.


    Whisky and Sightseeing Tour for Seven Persons, May 2013: Thomas from Sweden wrote:

    The tour through Scotland with George, our own guide and driver.

    Could not get much better, the pleasure is all on our side.

    Family Tour of Scotland, May 2013: Mayuresh from India wrote:

    It was great fun travelling with you. The blog is awesome. Will be in touch.

    Later: Got back to India yesterday. Had a wonderful trip. We had a very good time with you. Thanks. Kids were remembering you.

    Islay Whisky Tour, May 2013: Bart from the Netherlands wrote:

    We all had a great tour and enjoyed it very much. Just wanted to thank you again for all you have done. It made a great tour for all of us!

    Isle of Skye Tour, May 2013:  DeeAnn, Sandy, Ruth and Karen from U.S.A.wrote:

    • Thank you for your kindness and for making our visit to Skye such a pleasure.
    • Thank you for helping me understand the culture, history and beauty of Scotland and the Island of Skye.
    • Many thanks for a memorable trip to Skye. Your thoughtfulness and perfect planning was gratefully appreciated.
    • A wonderful trip with many experiences to be cherished. Thank you for your insightful comments and unfailing courtesy.

    England Ancestry Tour April/May 2013: Dan from U.S.A. wrote:

    Rachel and I both appreciated all that you did to make our trip a success. Additionally, we are glad that we could broaden your knowledge of rural England!

    17-December-2012, Alexey from Russia wrote,

    Nigel, hi!
    I’m ok with my way back. Your photos are magnificent! Send it to all my frinds!
    Many thanks for all

    Alexey gave Catswhiskers Tours a rating of: 1

    22-November-2012, Alex from Russia wrote,

    Hi Nigel, Thank you very much for the great tour and for your patience! I’ve added your blog to favorites (hope Kirill did the same) and now we’ll be in touch with the latest news from the beautiful isles. Regarding our visit to Orkney next year, we’ll keep in mind your suggestion and the dates and will try to decide as soon as possible. Thanks again and the best regards. Alex


    2-November-2012, Denis from Brazil wrote,

    We liked very much the trip. Tks for your support!

    1-November-2012, Lisa from Texas, U.S.A. wrote,

    I just wanted to thank you again for a great tour!! You met all our expectations and we got to see and go to places we could have never done on our own. I made it back home last night and can’t wait to go through my pictures. And you, again, for a great job!!

    10-October-2012, Gary from U.S.A. wrote,

    Wonderful trip, though we had to unfortunately cut is short.  Glad you encouraged me to purchase trip insurance, as I hope they will cover our change fee for airfare home. Appreciate all your help. Regards,

    9-October-2012, Tim & Kathleen from U.S.A. wrote,

    We can never thank you enough for all you did to make our family trip to Scotland such a wonderful experience. All your preparation before we arrived made such a differece in that we were able to see and do all the things we had hoped to. Thank you again for all your efforts. It was an amazing trip.

    3-October-2012, Kerrie from U.S.A. wrote,

    Thanks again for the great touring. We enjoyed ourselves immensely. I will keep an eye on your blog and FB pages.

    23-September-2012, Garry from Stockport, England wrote,

    RE: PROBUS GROUP TOUR OF GLASGOW Sorry we did not meet, for I could have talked face to face to say how successful our tour was. I have received only positive and enthusiastic feedback from the participants all of whom previously knew little about Glasgow.

    22-September-2012, Wallene and Jeff from U.S.A. wrote,

    Thank you so much!  We had the BEST time!

    8-September-2012, Keith and Jenny from Scotland wrote,

    Thanks again for a very enjoyable tour.


    8-September-2012, Tim from Indiana, U.S.A. wrote,

    Sadly, we must restart our regular lives starting tomorrow.  I want to thank you again for your support and enthusiasm to make our trip enjoyable.  As my brother Jeff said to me today – thanks for the memories!!

    7-August-2012, Veronique from Switzerland wrote,

    Dear Nigel, Many thanks for all your pictures. Thanks against for this wonderful discovery tour of Scotland. Regards Véronique and family.

    6-July-2012, Nancy from U.S.A. wrote,

    RE: CUSTOM TOUR OF SCOTLAND Flights home went well. Thanks for a wonderful trip and the blog, which I’ll read when I’m more awake.

    6-July-2012, Barbara from U.S.A. wrote,

    RE: SCOTLAND DRIVING TOUR:We had a really good trip.  No problems with any of the arrangements and enjoyed the suggestions that you made for activities. All accommodations were clean and comfortable. We really enjoyed staying at the farm in Luss. We could have used a little less rain, but you can’t have everything.  It didn’t stop us from doing anything except looking more aggressively for puffins.  The materials you provided were very helpful.  I especially liked the A-Z maps and the book about the flora and fauna on Orkney.

    26-June-2012, Sally from Australia wrote,

    I have just seen Jan and she said to say thank you very much, she had a wonderful time. She saw everything she wanted to see and everyone was lovely and helpful along the way. Thank you so much.

    25-June-2012, Arnold from U.S.A. wrote,

    Everything went wellon the trip and we really appreciated Craig’s efforts on our behalf.the golf worked out beyond our expectations and we got to experience “Scottish weather” at St. Andrews (it rained the whole day!!) .  Thanks again for all your good work and connections..…